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Not only is ‘going local’ the best way for you to have a real travel experience, but working with the local people and their businesses means that the economic benefit derived from your trek stays with the local community.

We have excellent relationships with the villages, communities and elders along the track and will continue to work with the local people in PNG and along the Kokoda Track to ensure everyone benefits from this once in a lifetime experience.

We exclusively use local guides who were born or raised along the Kokoda Track. They are all highly qualified, trained and English speaking and their intimate knowledge of the track will show you things that you wouldn’t otherwise find. You’ll also experience the track from a uniquely local perspective even meeting their friends and family along the journey.

Aside from the benefit to you, the traveller, we are proud to say that by employing locals, we are providing income, training and a career to local people.

With Kokoda Spirit, you can trek knowing that the money you spend directly benefits your leader, the porters and their families and the local community. In as many ways as we can, we support local businesses and communities in our travels, it’s the ethical way. It is the only way to get a true understanding of PNG and the Kokoda Track.


We do, we really love Kokoda, which is why we keep going back! We love it’s story, we love it’s people and we love it’s beauty and we’re confident that you’ll feel exactly the same after your experience.

Kokoda is a special place that we’re passionate about, that we care about and respect. We want to keep it special and although we’re not perfect, we try very hard to minimise our impact along the track by delivering an exceptional eco-trekking experience.


We’ve been travelling Kokoda since 2004 and we’ve taken thousands of happy trekkers safely from start to finish. Over the years we’ve built an army of highly trained and knowledgable Australian and Papua New Guinean leaders and guides who will make sure you have the time of your life.

Our Adventure Masters and Guides are professional, friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about the track with an exceptional knowledge of the history. They live and breathe Kokoda! All our senior staff are First Aid or Wilderness First Aid trained. Meet our team today.


We provide a comprehensive training program designed specifically for the track. Our training partner, 360 Athlete, will help you to prepare for your adventure creating a training plan specific to you.

We also provide excellent, friendly pre-trek administration and professional advice and fact sheets, with attention to detail in preparing for your adventure. Head to the individual adventures to find out more.


Your safety is our highest priority. We’ve developed and adhere to an extensive risk and safety management procedure for all of our adventures. We have contingency plans in place and 24 hour back up, with Satellite phones. We have a First Aid trained Medic/Guide and first aid kits carried on every trip and we also carry $10 million in Public Liability insurance.

We will provide you with a comprehensive medical form that must be completed by your Doctor before you participate to make sure that you are in peak condition for Kokoda.


Your adventure will be physically tough so we know how important it is to have the right food to keep your strength up. We have hearty food and plenty of it – freshly prepared pastas, stews, rice, potato and vegetable dishes all enhanced with local fresh garden ingredients (not hydrated packages) by our camp chefs! Our meals are designed to ensure you receive plenty of carbohydrates and protein to fuel your body.

Prepare yourself for a gourmet delight, great food, including treats of Pastries, Pizzas and even donuts! We cater, for Vegetarians, Vegans and Gluten free.


We offer competitive pricing on all-inclusive Xtreme packages, including pre and post accommodation and many extras that some other companies may not mention. We’re reliable and we deliver on our promised services! Head to the individual adventures to see what’s included.

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